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Brown, Chocolate, Dark Aromatic, Crystal Extra Dark and wheat malts are blended with Belgian cocoa powder and Maris Otter malt in the mash. Root ginger, black treacle, more cocoa powder and British Admiral and Bramling Cross hops are added to the boil. UNFINED (Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans).


The origins of the Christmas tree lead right up to the British Queen herself.  Germany’s Prince Albert came to England in 1840 to marry Queen Victoria, and he brought the Christmas tree tradition with him. The royal family decorated it with small gifts, toys, candles, candies and fancy cakes, giving rise to our modern Christmas decorations. In 1848, an engraving of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert around the royal tree appeared in a London newspaper, and the tree became the height of Christmas fashion in Europe and America thereafter.


The engraving published in the 1840s of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and family around the Christmas tree. 


SILVER - Stout & Porter Class - 2020 Gosport Winterfest

SILVER - Beer of the Festival - 2019 Gosport Winterfest

SILVER - Stout & Porter Class - 2019 Gosport Winterfest

SILVER - LocAle Class - 2019 Gosport Winterfest

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