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Simpsons Low Colour Golden Promise ®™ and Dextrin malts, are mashed and American Columbus and Mosaic hops are added during the boil. Citra, and more Mosaic hops, are then added at the end of the boil for aroma.


In the late 17th Century, a local brewer, "Captain" Henry Player, founded a brewery on the site of an area known as “Weevel Wet Spring” and started supplying beer to the Royal Navy.


In 1751, the Weevil brewery was purchased by the Victualling Commissioners with a view to consolidating their brewing operations in Portsmouth on to a single site and the complex was extended. 

Problems with the water supply to the brewery led, in 1778, to a new brewery pumphouse being built.  Designed by British Civil Engineer, John Smeaton (who also devised a water engine for the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew), the Cooperage pumphouse contained a horse pump. The building still stands today in Clarence Yard.

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