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A base of Thos. Fawcett's mild ale malt is blended and mashed with amber, biscuit, Carafa Special Type III, chocolate, and crystal wheat malts. The resulting sweet wort is boiled with East Kent Golding hops. A Mild ale, easy-drinking and more-ish.


Monckton House was built in 1850 for Gosport Brewer, James Biden. The Biden family acquired The Sea Horse Brewery, Seahorse Street. One source (A Century of British Brewers 1890-1990) says the brewery was built around 1800 and purchased by the Biden family in 1846. Biden & co was registered in 1896. It owned 43 pubs in Gosport and the surrounding area until it was bought by United in 1918 and taken over in 1921. In 1901 Monckton House was sold to another local brewer Jack Blake.  Our Head Brewer used to work in Monckton House (now owned by the MoD). 

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