About our beer

We brew with the finest UK Assured malts using Maris Otter as the base malt with speciality malts (brown, chocolate, crystal and wheat) added as per recipe.  

Although the current trend is for using New World (USA, NZ and Australia) hops, giving citrus or passion fruit flavours to the beer, we prefer to use the range of flavours offered to the brewer by the many varieties of British Hop.

​Finings (gelatine) that we may use are not listed in the allergen register. Dark beers in our core and seasonal ranges DO NOT contain finings and are, therefore, suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans Look for the legend UNFINED on the pump clip of our vegetarian-friendly beers.

All our beers contain Gluten from BARLEY and WHEAT.

Core Brews

We have three regular brews in our portfolio ranging from a mid-strength Best Bitter to our Award-Winning Victorian Porter.

Seasonal Brews

Complimenting our regular brews we also produce a low-hopped traditional British Mild ale in the Spring, and a dark, smoky, ale, for the Winter.  Our Award-Winning chocolate and ginger flavoured Christmas Porter is also popular.  

One-off Brews

Landlords! Need a one-off beer for a special occasion? Because of our small capacity we are able to offer you a 'bespoke brew' service (minimum order 18 gallons).  Contact us to discuss your requirements for a beer to your specification. 

Browse through our brews.  Click on the pump clips for more details.

Victoria St., Gosport, Hants PO12 4TX
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