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There were two breweries in the Newtown area of Gosport,  one was in Joseph Street, it was owned in the late 1850's/early 1860's by George Tribe and was known as the Newtown Brewery.


The second brewery was situated behind the Royal Arms pub (picture) in Stoke Road. The actual address was Chester Place. This was at one time owned by a Thomas Wills, but by 1862 George Tribe had bought this one as well. It was sold along with six tied public houses to Brickwood and Co's. Brewery, Portsmouth in 1885.


Established in November 2015, the creation of Newtown Brewery was the culmination of over 30 years of full-grain home-brewing as a hobby.

Although small, our brewery duplicates the tried-and-tested traditional brewing methods of mashing, sparging and boiling, complemented with modern digital temperature-controlled equipment.

Our drive to provide quality, small-batch brewed beers for drinkers to enjoy has led to our Victorian Porter being voted 'Beer of The Festival' at the 2018 CAMRA Winterfest as well as Gold in the Stouts & Porters, and Silver in the LocAle Classes. We are overwhelmed to receive these awards as it is the drinkers of Gosport who enjoyed, and voted, for our locally-produced beer. 

Spurred-on by these awards we are continually improving our brewing methods and investing in new equipment, to help improve the quality of our beers for our customers.



Having relatives who worked in the brewing and malting industries in the East Midlands you could say that beer is in our brewers' DNA.

Clive started Homebrewing back in the late 1960s using kits from Boots the Chemist.  In the 1970s he moved away from liquid malt extract kits to all grain mashing.

In 1999 he attended the Start Up Brewing Course at Brewlab, Sunderland and, in November 2015, Newtown Brewery obtained its HMRC Brewers' Licence. 


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