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Water for the mash is heated up in the Hot Liquor Tank to the appropriate 'strike' temperature required for the brew being made. The hot water is then pumped into the Mash Tun.


The Mash Tun is a thermally-insulated tank with false bottom.  The hot water is mixed with the grist (grain) to make a malt 'porridge'.  The MT is then sealed and left for 90 minutes while the starch in the grain converts to malt sugars.  Afterwards the grains are sparged (washed through) to extract any residual sugar. 


The sweet wort (which has been pumped in from the MT) is boiled with the hops to sterilise and concentrate it prior to fermenting.  Traditionally called a 'copper' in the UK as they used to be made of that metal in the early days of brewing.


Following the boil the hot wort is cooled rapidly using the plate chiller.  Hot wort is pumped, first, through a filter then through the chiller. Cold water is pumped through the other side of the chiller, cooling down the wort to the ideal temperature for yeast pitching.


After the wort has been cooled and pumped into the fermenting vessel the yeast is added. The ferment then progresses under strict temperature control.  We ferment our beers at 18c.  


After a couple of weeks in the cellar allowing the flavour to mature, enjoy a foaming pint of Local Ale in a Local Pub.


After fermentation the 'young' beer is transferred into casks for secondary conditioning in a cooled cellar.

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