Maris Otter, Crystal, and a little wheat malt are mashed and boiled with two varieties of British hop.  A third variety of hop is then used to dry-hop the beer. A light, 'session' Bitter.

Availability - FEBRUARY 2018 (CAMRA Gosport Winterfest)


In 1852 two primitive batteries were built on Browndown Point at Stokes Bay to protect the western approaches to Portsmouth and to prevent an enemy landing on the fine shelving beach at Stokes Bay. They both consisted of prepared positions for movable guns behind earth parapets. The Western battery was completed in August 1852 and the armament mounted with the Royal Artillery immediately taking possession.

In 1856, after inspecting the British Foreign Legion encamped at Browndown, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert also visited the two batteries at Browndown. 

The two earthen batteries were referred to as Browndown Battery East and Browndown Battery West. The eastern one was demolished first whilst the western one was retained for a while until it was reconstructed as the new Browndown Battery.