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With a base of German Vienna malt, blended with Rye, Crystal Red Rye, Cara Munich Type 1, Cara Red and Melanoidin malts (both from Germany and the UK) this is a warming beer for the Autumn season.


Hopped with Möst (a UK/Czech collaboration hop) which is a sister of UK varieties Jester and Olicana.   

Availability - The Golden Bowler, Stubbington (check with pub for availability).


Burrow Island (also known as Rat Island) is an uninhabited tidal island on the Gosport side of Portsmouth Harbour.  Between 1678 and 1679, a fortification named Fort James was constructed on the island under the direction of Bernard de Gomme. The fortification was apparently allowed to decay, and, due to its poor condition in 1827 the ruins of the fort were partially demolished. Nothing now remains above ground level.


Burrow Island is one of 43 tidal islands which can be walked to from the mainland of Great Britain, however it is owned by the Ministry of Defence and public access is not permitted.

For more in-depth historical information about Burrow (Rat) Island, follow this link 

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