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To help celebrate the 2023 National Cask Ale Week (21 Sept–1 Oct) we will be brewing this flavoursome Porter using Crisps' floor-malted Chevallier Heritage malt flavoured with British hops (First Gold, Target, Northdown and Pilgrim). There will only be two casks of this unfined (suitable for vegetarians or vegans) beer available so look out for it at The Portcullis Taphouse, Portchester, NOW!


At one time Gosport had many breweries who produced malt for their own beers.  Opposite the old police station was the maltings for Blakes’ Brewery and nearby, behind the Fox Tavern, was the maltings for Biden’s Seahorse Brewery.  The malts used many years ago were also different from those used today, some, however, are making a come-back.  Crisp Maltings have now revived a Heritage malt, Chevallier.  Chevallier was the brewing barley of the 19th century.  Found in most pints of beer, it gave a defining flavour to Victorian Era British ales.​

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