British Maris Otter with a small amount of German Carafa Special Type III malt to give a dark, yet smooth, flavour base.  A little wheat malt is added for head retention.  Lots of British Ernest hops are added at various points in the boiling stage and the beer is also dry-hopped in the fermenting vessel with more whole cone Ernest hops.  UNFINED (Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans).


From 1888 to 1928 the well-known Gosport Brewery family, Blakes, occupied number 1 Crescent Road, Alverstoke (then known as Uxbridge House) where they lived with seven of their children and three servants.

In 1928, following the death of Mary Blake, the house and estate was purchased by Lord Charles Cheers Wakefield, Viscount of Hythe, and founder of the Castrol Oil Company (famous for its' GTX brand). Lord Wakefield was senior general treasurer of the National Children's Home in Alverstoke and, himself, made generous donations to the home.   In 1931 Viscount Wakefield donated the house and estate to the National Children's Home, his only wish being that it be renamed 'Lady Wakefield House'  in honour of his wife.

Victoria St., Gosport, Hants PO12 4TX
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